Prepare for the launch of your new service using our planner


Use our planner to prepare for the launch of your new service

Launching a new service is exciting and exhausting. Researching, pinning and gathering content for your website further stresses the need for a planner.

With our FREE Launch Planner, you can fully plan your website content and prepare for your new sales pipeline. Worried about the tech side of things, we are here to help!

More details about the planner

  • Know exactly what content you need to launch your new service!

  • Quickly see where you can make adjustments before launch so that everything matches your brand and personality.

  • Learn up front what pages to include and exactly what content should be added to attract your ideal customer and convert them to forever clients.

  • Resolve decision fatigue and express confidence knowing that your new launch is going off without a hitch.


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Known as Chanel Renee in the socials and founder of WPD Media (also known as Web Presence Designs), Chanel is a self-taught web developer who later went on to get a degree in web design and marketing.  Coding caught her attention in 1998 while initially navigating the web trying to make money as a SAHM.  In 2004, a major discovery, Photoshop and its ability to be easily used to merge web and graphic design to craft beautiful websites. It is her goal that encompasses the company's slogan "Creatively Designing Your Web Presence" which allows her to continue pursuing her love of creating beauty for the web and bringing visual branding to life.